Richard Montanari

Born: 1955

Ohio connection: Birth


Richard Montanari was born in Cleveland, Ohio, into an Italian-American family.  He attended Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art. He lived for a time in England selling encyclopedias and clothing. He eventually returned to the States, where begun his writing career. Richard has written many mystery novels, the first three of which take place in Cleveland. Merciless (also entitled Broken Angels in the UK), rose to the fifth position on the London Times’ bestseller list. In addition to the UK, his books have been published in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Japan, and Australia. He has also written The Violet Hour, Kiss of Evil, and Deviant Way among others. He has also been published in more than two hundred publications including the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Seattle Time, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

On-Line Mystery Award, 1996, for Deviant Way.