Wilhelm, Kate


Born: June 8, 1928

Ohio connection: Birth

Kate Wilhelm was born Katie Gertrude Meredith, daughter of Jesse and Ann Meredith, in Toledo, Ohio, in 1928. After graduating from high school in Louisville, Kentucky, she worked as a model, telephone operator, sales clerk, switchboard operator, and underwriter for an insurance company. She married Joseph Wilhelm in 1947, and they had two sons. She began to write fiction in 1956. Her first story, “The Pint-Sized Genie”, appeared in the magazine Fantastic in October 1956. Her first novel, a mystery entitled More Bitter than Death, was published in 1962. She has written twelve novels, two novellas, four collections of short stories, and a multimedia science fantasy for theater. She has won the Nebula Award several times, beginning with her short story, “The Planners”, in 1968. She also won the Hugo and Jupiter awards for her novel, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, in 1977. Her specialties are psychological fiction, science fiction, social satire, and social science fiction. She has received increasing critical acclaim over the years for her works. She was divorced in 1962, and married Damon Knight in 1963. She and her husband live in Eugene, Oregon. 

Nebula Awards, Science Fiction Writers of America, 1968, for best short story, “The Planners,” 1988, for best novelette, The Girl Who Fell into the Sky, 1989, for best short story, “Forever Yours, Anna,” and 1993 nomination for novelette, Naming the Flowers; Hugo Award, World Science Fiction Convention, Jupiter Award, and second place for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, all 1977, all for Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang; American Book Award nomination, 1980, for Juniper Time: A Novel.

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