Citino, David

Born: March 3, 1947
Died: October 17, 2005

Ohio connection: Birth


David Citino was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of John D. and Mildred Rita Citino. He married Mary Helen Hicks in 1969 and they had two children, Nathan and Dominic. Citino received a B.A. from Ohio University in 1969, an M.A. from The Ohio State University in 1972, and a Ph.D., also from Ohio State, in 1974. He was appointed professor of English at the Marion branch of OSU in 1985 and later at the main campus in Columbus, where he remained until his death. Citino was a highly respected poet, whose writings included Last Rites and Other PoemsThe Appassionata PoemsThe Gift of FireThe House of Memory,Broken Symmetry and The Invention of Secrecy. He also contributed poems to more than 200 magazines, including Literary ReviewGreat Lakes Review, Kenyon ReviewAspen AnthologyPoet and Critic, and Dalhousie Review. Citino died in Columbus on October 17, 2005 from complications due to multiple sclerosis.

Prize Poems Award from Poet and Critic and Iowa State University Press, 1977, for “Hazel” and “Laws of Hospitality”; grants from Ohio Arts Council, 1977-80, 1979; Poetry in Transit Award, Poets’ League of Greater Cleveland, 1980, for “One Mouth, Love, and Ache”; Ohioana Kraut Poetry Award, 1985; creative writing fellow, National Endowment for the Arts, 1986; named Ohio poet of the year, 1993; citation for “notable book, ” National Book Critics Circle, 1998, for Broken Symmetry; Professional Achievement Award, Ohio State Alumni Association, 2000; Bjornson Award for distinguished service to the humanities, Ohio Program in the Humanities, 2000; Career Medal, Ohioana Library Association, 2001.