Cook, Kacy

Ohio connection: Birth


Kacy Cook was born in Columbus, Ohio, the second of six children. Her father was a federal agent, and her mother was an artist and dress designer. Kacy still lives in Columbus and has three grown children. Since attending Ohio State University, Kacy has worked in journalism and publishing. In addition, Kacy writes books for young people. Her interest in children’s literature began when she home schooled her children. This is also when her interest in nature and wildlife began. Kacy’s research at the home of children’s book author Virginia Hamilton and poet Arnold Adoff in Yellow Springs, Ohio, led her to join forces with Adoff in gathering the manuscripts and papers of the late Ms. Hamilton for deposit at the Library of Congress. Adoff and Kacy also collaborated on a collection of the Ms. Hamilton’s nonfiction writings: Virginia Hamilton: Speeches, Essays, and Conversations, published by Scholastic/Blue Sky Press.

2011 Ohioana Book Award for About Ohio or an Ohioan for Virginia Hamilton: Speeches, Essays, and Conversations.