Ellison, Harlan Jay

Born: May 27, 1934
Died: June 27, 2018

Ohio connection: Birth


Harlan Ellison was science fiction writer, novelist, editor, and critic.  The son of Louis Laverne and Serita (Rosenthal) Ellison was born in Cleveland, and was raised in Painesville, Ohio.  In 1949 his father died and Ellison and his mother returned to Cleveland, where he graduated from East High School. He began writing professionally at age 15, when his first story appeared in The Cleveland News. He was a founding member of the Cleveland Science Fiction Society. He was published in the club’s magazine and he eventually took it over. Through this magazine, and through fan activities, he met many leading science fiction writers, some of whom encouraged him in his own literary ambitions. His published works include over 1,700 short stories, novellasscreenplays, comic book scripts, teleplays, essays, a wide range of criticism covering literature, film, television, and print media.

Ellison was also known as Phil Beldone, Cordwainer Bird, Jay Charby, Robert Courtney, Price Curtis, Wallace Edmondson, Landon Ellis, Sley Harson, Ellis Hart, Paul Merchant, Nabrah Nosille, Bert Parker, Jay Solo, Derry Tiger, Alan Maddern, Lee Archer, Cheech Beldone, Al Maddern, Cord Wainer Bird. In 2008, a documentary was released about his life entitled Dreams with Sharp Teeth.

Numerous Writers Guild of America Awards,  Nebula Awards, Science Fiction Writers of America Awards, Nova Awards, Locus Awards, Jupiter Awards, Instructors of Science Fiction in Higher Education, Bram Stoker Awards, Horror Writers of America, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, PEN International Silver Pen award for journalism, World Fantasy Awards.  His works have been named in the major works of American literature by Encyclopedia Americana Annual and inducted into the Swedish National Encyclopedia, and included in the Best American Short Stories.  Milford Award for lifetime achievement in editing; Bradbury Award, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 2000; Special Committee Hugo Award, 2006.