Anthony Libby

Born: 1942

Ohio connection: Resident


Anthony Libby was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the son of James Miller and Gertrude (Wright) Libby.  He received a bachelor’s degree from College of the Holy Cross (1963) and was awarded a yearlong Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. Two years later, he was awarded another, which ended in 1967 and overlapped with his pursuit of a doctoral degree from Stanford University. That same year, Libby took a job as assistant professor of English at the Ohio State University in Columbus. During his post-graduate studies, Libby married Marison Vlastos. They had two children, but divorced in 1976 after eleven years of marriage. In 1969 – after teaching for two years in Ohio — Libby received his Ph.D. from Stanford. Five years later, he was promoted to associate professor of English at Ohio State and, in 1985, the same university made him a professor.

Anthony Libby has written three books of poetry, has published more than twenty-five poems, and has contributed articles and critical reviews to numerous professional journals, including The New York Times Book ReviewAmerican LiteratureThe Iowa Review, and The Ohio Journal. In 2003 Libby became Professor Emeritus of Ohio State University.