Lewis, Alfred Henry

Born: January 20, 1855
Died: December 23, 1914

Ohio connection: Birth


The son of Isaac Lewis (a carpenter), Alfred Henry Lewis was born January 20, 1855 in Cleveland, OH.  At the age of 23 Lewis was a prosecuting attorney for Cleveland, but in 1881 he decided to give up legal work to become a journalist.  He was employed as a staff reporter for the Chicago Times and later became editor of the Chicago Times-Herald.

In 1893, Lewis’s first book, Woolfville: Episodes of Cowboy Life, was published. Other books followed, including those of the Woolfville series: Woolfville DaysWoolfville Nights and Woolfville Folks.  Lewis also wrote numerous magazine articles and short stories concerning the social issues of his day. His articles and stories were published in noted magazines such asCosmopolitanCollier’sTimes  and Pearson’s Magazine.

Alfred Henry Lewis died on December 23, 1914.  In his lifetime he was a lawyer, an investigative journalist and editor, a novelist and short story writer. His other publications include: The BossThe President, A Novel;  An American PatricianThe Sunset TrailThe Throwback; The Black Lion InnOwners of AmericaA Trust in Agricultural Implements; and The trial of the Viper.