Dew, Robb Forman

Born: 1946

Ohio connection: Birth

Mount Vernon

Robb Forman was born in 1946 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, the daughter of Oliver Duane and Helen (Ransom) Forman. In 1968, she married Charles Burgess Dew, and they had two sons, Charles and John. Robb Forman Dew attended Louisiana State University. Her writing career was launched in 1981 with the publication of her first novel, Dale Loves Sophie to Death, which won the National Book Award for a first novel. Her other novels include The Time of Her Life, Fortunate Lives, and The Truth of the Matter. Non-fiction titles are A Southern Thanksgiving: Recipes and Musings for a Manageable Feast and The Family Heart: A Memoir of When Our Son Came Out.  Robb Forman Dew has also contributed stories to numerous periodicals, including Mississippi Quarterly, Southern Review, Virginia Quarterly, and New Yorker.

American Book Award for first novel, Association of American Publishers, 1982, for Dale Loves Sophie to Death.