Own a Unique Piece of Artwork by Legendary Comics Creator Sina Grace!

Now that we have your attention, read on to hear how you can own a unique piece of artwork by legendary comics creator Sina Grace!

He’s not from Ohio, but to paraphrase Robert Burns:

The best-laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew

Before the closures due to the pandemic, the Ohio Center for the Book at Cleveland Public Library had planned a series of workshops and lectures in collaboration with Free Comic Book Day 2020 at Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop in Cleveland, Ohio. (Incidentally, the same business highlighted by Gov. Dewine for best practices in re-opening!)

Our Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Valentino Zullo, had even contacted Sina Grace (Yes, THE Sina Grace!!) to create a poster for the event that Cleveland Public Library had printed and that we planned to distribute.

Sina Grace's poster:

Frame 1: Caped super hero flying over cleveland skyline

Frame 2: Comic book lovers reading in a large library room where Ohio Center for the Book is located at Cleveland Public Library

Frame 3: Cat laying on a box of comics at Carol & Johns
Sina Grace original artwork

Needless to say, those plans went “askew.”

We were very disappointed that we couldn’t host our panelists and share the poster with everyone but then came the announcement of Free Comic Book Summer! While we can’t host our planned programming right now, we can share Sina’s wonderful poster depicting the Cleveland skyline (with a familiar profile in the sky) and scenes from Cleveland Public Library and Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop. Check out his artwork below, and CLICK HERE for a full-size PDF of the poster!

If you’d like a limited 11 x 17 cardstock print with the logos of the participating institutions to celebrate Free Comic Book Summer, visit Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop at 17462 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, starting July 15 and available while supplies last!