Mark Waid in conversation with Brad Ricca

(View video on YouTube)

On Saturday, October 14, we were honored to host acclaimed comics creator and editor Mark Waid who visited Cleveland Public Library as the featured speaker of our conference dedicated to all things Superman. Mark’s connection to Superman runs deep, including his being the author of Superman: Birthright.

Waid began the evening by sharing his thoughts on “Superman, Superman’s Legacy, and Why – Especially Now – Superman Matters.” Waid’s talk was followed by a conversation with Brad Ricca, Ohio writer and author of Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster–the Creators of Superman.

The event was held at the downtown Cleveland Public Library auditorium as part of the Superman’s Cleveland: Lineage and Legacy series in fall 2023 hosted in collaboration with Ursuline College’s Rust Belt Humanities Lab.

You can view the recording by clicking the image or link above.