Ohio Joins Nevada (for a conversation)

This Thursday, May 16, Don Boozer, the Ohio Center for the Book Coordinator, will join Kathleen Kuo, Coordinator of the Nevada Center for the Book hosted by the Nevada Humanities Council, for their Humanities At Play live stream series at 3:00 pm Eastern (12 pm Pacific Time).

The first hour of the live stream (3-4 pm Eastern / 12-1 pm PT) on the Nevada Humanities Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/humanitiesatplay) will consist of casual conversation, including the topic of constructed languages, while playing Chants of Sennaar.

Kathleen Kuo

The second hour (4-5 pm Eastern / 1-2 pm PT), Kathleen and Don will discuss their Center for the Book programs, the Nevada and Ohio 2024 Great Reads from Great Places selections for the National Book Festival, their respective Centers and differences between being hosted by a Humanities Council and a public library, and other fun topics. Audience participation is welcome.

Join us to actively participate in the chat (create a free account beforehand to chat) or just listen in as background (no account needed to watch).