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Whitlock, Brand

Urbana Born: March 4, 1869 Ohio connection: Birth Brand Whitlock was born in 1869 in Urbana, Ohio, to the Rev. Elias and Molly Lavinia (Brand) Whitlock. He was raised in the Methodist Church and was greatly influenced by the church and his father. He was first educated at home and later at a public high school in …

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Katherine Ayres

Born: 1947 Ohio connection: Birth Columbus Katherine Ayres was born in Columbus to Ray and Betty Kent.  Ayres has been a lover of books since early childhood, when she began inventing stories before she could write them.  Ayres completed her undergraduate studies at the College of Wooster and earned an M.A. from Tufts University.  Her childhood home state …

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Russell Atkins

Born: 1926 Ohio connection: Birth Cleveland Poet, playwright, editor, and composer Russell Atkins was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Perry Kelly and Mamie Bell Atkins. Admired for his “brilliant, idiosyncratic poetry and wide-ranging intellect,” Atkins’ writings challenged conventions of both form and content in poetry, drama, and literary theory. A leading innovator in experimental arts from …

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