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Show Notes

Page Count’s second season kicks off on May 9! Listen to snippets from just a few of our upcoming episodes featuring the following authors and experts:

  • Huda Al-Marashi, co-author of the new middle-grade novel Grounded, discusses the art of writing collaboratively.
  • Kristen Elias Rowley, editor-in-chief of the Ohio State University Press, critiques nonfiction pages from Ohio writers.
  • Jennifer Fisher, Nancy Drew expert and collector, offers insight into Mildred Benson, one of the original authors of the beloved Nancy Drew series.
  • Chaz O’Neil of the Ohio Arts Council provides tips for writers applying for OAC’s Individual Excellence Awards.
  • Jay Kalagayan, comics creator and author of MeSseD, discusses comics, creativity, and the wondrous world of sewers.
  • and many more to come.

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Huda Al-Marashi (00:01):
That says a lot, right, about the kind of promises you have to make to trick yourself into getting your first book written, almost, until it becomes an established habit.

Kristen Elias Rowley (00:13):
I get tons of wonderful manuscripts from wonderful writers, so it's not about publishing the 10 books a year that I think are worth it. It's how do I pick only 10 or 12 books from this several hundred that I get that are worthy of publication? How do I decide which ones we can do the best with? That we can be the best partner for the author?

Jennifer Fisher (00:31):
Her legacy will always be Nancy Drew, but that was a small part of her life as she kind of became even more of a real-life Nancy Drew after she quit writing the books with all these adventures she had.

Chaz O'Neil (00:42):
We don't want the writers to be glib about their work either and not make the case for it in your narrative. We're not experts in your work. Only you are.

Jay Kalagayan (00:51):
When I first was promoting the book, I had a hashtag: Follow the Flush. <laugh>

Laura Maylene Walter (00:57):
You just heard snippets from a few upcoming episodes in Page Count's second season. Huda Al-Marashi will discuss her writing journey in an episode that focuses on writing and publishing collaboratively; Kristen Elias Rowley, the editor-in-chief of the Ohio State University Press, dives into her acquisition process in an episode where she also critiques pages from nonfiction projects; Nancy Drew expert and collector Jennifer Fisher sheds light on Mildred Wirt Benson, one of the original authors who helped create the beloved Nancy Drew series; Chaz O'Neil of the Ohio Arts Council gives Ohio writers some behind-the-scenes insight into the application process for the Individual Artist Excellence Awards; and comics creator Jay Kalagayan explains why we should celebrate our sewers. All this and much more to come in our second season of Page Count, which kicks off on May 9 with a new episode every other week. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and we'll see you in May for the next chapter of Page Count.

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