Read Around Ohio: Centaur of the North

Wendell Mayo

(Bowling Green)

Wendell Mayo was a prolific short story writer and a longtime professor in the creative writing program at Bowling Green State University.

Centaur of the North (1996) was the first of six books from Mayo, which also include: In Lithuanian Wood (1998); B. Horror: And Other Stories (1999); The Cucumber King of Kedainiai (2013); Survival House (2018); and the posthumously released What is Said About Elephants (2020).

The story “El Cetauro del Norte” begins this way: “About half of what I will tell you is true. I do not say this because I am a liar… I say this because I believe there are other halves of the story buried in the story that are also true… but everyone knows, as mathematicians tell us now, that too mant halves, no matter how true, never become whole…”

Mayo died in 2020.

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