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Milton Caniff

Born: February 28, 1907Died: April 3, 1988 Ohio connection: Birth Hillsboro An award-winning cartoonist, Milton Caniff began drawing the Boy Scout page for a local newspaper at age thirteen. Best known as the creator of the comic strips, “Terry and the Pirates” and “Steve Canyon,” Caniff once considered a career in acting. Graduating from The Ohio State University in …

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William Riley Burnett

Born: November 25, 1899Died: April 25, 1982 Ohio connection: Birth Springfield Although an author of Westerns and a successful screenwriter, William Riley Burnett is best known as the originator of the gangster novel. The underworld icons of sleek cars, flashy clothes, bootleg liquor, and tommy guns find their origins in Burnett’s first novel, Little Caesar (1929). The …

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