Margaret Peterson Haddix

Born: 1964

Ohio connection: Birth

Washington Court House

Margaret Peterson grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio.  Her father, John Albert Peterson was a farmer and her mother, Marilee Grace Peterson, worked as a nurse.  Margaret received her B.A. in creative writing and journalism from Miami University of Ohio in 1986. She worked as a copy editor on The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and then as a reporter for the Indianapolis News. In 1987, she married another reporter, Doug Haddix. When they moved to Danville, Illinois, four years later, after Doug had accepted a new job as a newspaper editor, Margaret decided it was time to pursue her dream of writing. Taking a series of temporary and part-time jobs such as teaching at a community college, she drew on stories she had heard as a reporter to try her hand at writing novels. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Haddix would go on to be a prolific, best-selling author, beloved by young readers, educators, parents, and librarians alike.

Margaret Peterson Haddix currently makes her home near Columbus, Ohio, with her family.

Fiction contest award, National Society of Arts and Letters, 1988; American Bestseller Pick-of-the-Lists selection, Edgar Allan Poe Award nomination from Mystery Writers of America, Young-Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Quick Pick for Reluctant Young-Adult Readers and Best Book for Young Adults designations, Notable Children’s Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies listee, National Council for Social Studies/Children’s Book Council, Sequoyah Young-Adult Book Award, and Black-eyed Susan Award, all 1996-97; Arizona Young Readers Award, 1998, and ALA Best Book for Young Adults designation, all for Running out of Time; Children’s Book Award (older reader category), International Reading Association (IRA), and YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young-Adult Readers and Best Book for Young Adults designations, all 1997, Black-eyed Susan Award, 1998-99 & Nebraska Golden Sower Award, 2000, all for Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey; YALSA Best Books for Young Adults and American Bookseller Pick-of-the-Lists designation, both for Leaving Fishers; YALSA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults and Quick Picks Top-Ten designations, both 2000, California Young Readers Medal, Maud Hart Lovelace Award, and Nevada Young Readers Award, all 2001, all for Among the Hidden; American Bookseller Pick-of-the-Lists designation, American Library Association (ALA) Best Book for Young Adults honor, YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young-Adult Readers designation, and IRA Young Adults’ Choices listee, 2001, all for Just Ella; American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, for Turnabout, The Girl with 500 Middle Names, and Among the Imposters; Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades, 2003, for Escape from Memory. Haddix has had multiple books chosen for the Choose to Read Ohio notable books list. For additional awards, check out her personal website as well.