Library of Congress Visit!

On March 6, we were very pleased to host staff from the Library of Congress, including Guy Lamolinara, Director of the Center for the Book in Washington, DC. We provided a tour of our home base here at Cleveland Public Library, including showing off the library’s many collections, introducing them to the dedicated staff, and providing the chance to take in The Archive, the stunning art exhibit by Rebecca Louise Law. Pictured above are Laura Walter (our Page Count podcast host!), Lee Ann Potter (Director of Professional Learning and Outreach Initiatives (Educational Outreach), Library of Congress), Cheryl Lederle-Ensign (Educational Resources Specialist, Library of Congress), Don Boozer (Coordinator, Ohio Center for the Book), Guy Lamolinara, and Robin Wood (Director of Public Services – Main Library, Cleveland Public Library). One of the items on display in Cleveland Public Library’s Photograph Collection shared with the visitors were proof sheets of the photographs from the 2003 dedication ceremony of Cleveland Public Library as the new home of the Ohio Center for the Book.

The Library of Congress staff were in Cleveland for the Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium Meeting, and they took the opportunity to visit Ohio’s affiliate Center for the Book. Don Boozer was also invited to provide the lunchtime keynote to the meeting, discussing the affiliate network, the primary sources available at Cleveland Public Library, and the importance of preserving and promoting primary sources.

Thank you to all our visitors for the opportunity to highlight our home!