Letters About Literature: 2012


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A National Reading and Writing Promotional Program for children and young adults.
The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, in partnership with and in cooperation with affiliate state centers for the book, invites readers in grades 4 through 12 to enter Letters About Literature, a national reading-writing contest. To enter, readers write a personal letter to an author, living or dead, from any genre– fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or classic, explaining how that author’s work changed the student’s way of thinking about the world or themselves

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Level 1 Winners

First Place: Erica Langan (6th Grade: Cincinnati, Ohio)
Letter to Emily Dickinson concerning her poem, “I’m nobody! Who are You?”

Second Place: Rachel Gruslin (6th Grade: Mason, Ohio)
Letter to Cornelia Fluke concerning her book, Thief Lord

Third Place: David Malkin (6th Grade: Sagamore Hills, Ohio)
Letter to Suzanne Collins concerning her book, Hunger Games

Level 1 Semifinalists

Johnny R. C. Davis (6th Grade: Columbus, Ohio)
Letter to Cornelia Fluke concerning her book, Thief Lord

Kaavya Ramachandhran (5th Grade: Mason, Ohio)
Letter to Lauren St. John concerning her book, White Giraffe

Ethan Scheuer (5th Grade: Cleveland, Ohio)
Letter to Gary Paulsen concerning his book, Woodsong

John Slater (5th Grade: Chillicothe, Ohio)
Letter to Wilson Rawls concerning his book, Where the Red Fern Grows

Level 2 Winners

First Place: Natalie Keyes (Columbus, Ohio: 7th Grade)
Letter to Isaac Asimov concerning his short story, “Eyes Do More Than See,” found in the anthology, Robot Dreams

Second Place: Paris Hudson (Cleveland, Ohio: 8th Grade)
Letter to Sharon Draper concerning her Hazelwood High trilogy

Third Place: Lincoln Addington (West Chesterfield, Ohio: 7th Grade)
Letter to Malcolm X concerning his book, Autobiography of Malcolm X

Level 2 Semifinalists

Peter Abou Haidar (8th Grade: Cleveland, Ohio)
Letter to J. K. Rowling concerning her book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rebecca LaManna (7th Grade: West Chester, Ohio)
Letter to Jay Asher concerning his book, Thirteen Reasons Why

Pheby Liu (7th Grade: Cleveland, Ohio)
Letter to Jacob Boas concerning his book, We Are Witnesses: Five Diaries of Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust

Meghan Razzini (8th Grade: Upper Arlington, Ohio)
Letter to Shannon Hale concerning her book. Forest Born

Level 3 Winners

First Place: AUDREY COBLE (12th Grade: Gahanna, Ohio)
Letter to Chuck Palahniuk concerning his book, Fight Club

Third Place: KATIE BURLOVICH (12th Grade: Gahanna, Ohio)
Letter to Robert Frost concerning his poem, “Nothing Gold can Stay”

Level 3 Semifinalists

Morgan Minze (11th Grade: Huron, Ohio)
Letter to Sarah Gruen concerning her novel, Water for Elephants

Lauren Rebholz (10th Grade: Strongsville, Ohio)
Letter to J. K. Rowling concerning her Harry Potter series

Kati Sorbin (11th Grade: Parma, Ohio)
Letter to Laurie Halse Anderson concerning her book, Wintergirls

Arie Zuber (12th Grade: Broadview Heights, Ohio)

Letter to Ray Bradbury concerning his book, Fahrenheit 451